Kana Opens Up

A guest post written by Kana Joy Mabongor gives a missionary kid’s insight into life in Uganda when her sister goes off to boarding school.

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Kana Opens Up

Kakai and Kana before Kakai left for boarding school


Written by: Kana Mabongor

Just the thought of Kakai going to boarding school made me very sad. I wouldn’t get to see her for three months at a time and there was no way for me to write to her or even call.  She is my only sister and I cried at the thought of living without her.  Sometimes Kakai and I would snuggle together in our bed when it was cold and rainy.  We used to tickle each other’s feet and talk about our day.  But now I wouldn’t have anyone to cuddle with during thunder storms.

But the day arrived and I had to say good bye.  Mom and I tried to keep up each other’s spirits and were especially kind to one another, knowing we were both feeling the loss.  As the days passed, I realized that having Mom all to myself may not be such a bad thing.  There was even more room in the bed to stretch out, especially on hot nights during the drought.  I also was now the first born instead of the middle child.  Andy and Daniel had to do what I said.  I started making them pick up their clothes and the bedroom was looking neater.

I realized when Kakai left for boarding school that I would finally have more time with Mom.  Kakai tends to talk a lot.  When she was here, I couldn’t get a word in because she would jump into every conversation and talk over me.  Now Mom and I go for a walk together every day after school.  We talk about our problems and good things too.  We laugh a lot, mostly at silly things.  There is a goat we always pass who is tied near the path.  He always pricks-up his ears as we pass by.  We accuse him of eavesdropping on our conversation.  Then we laugh at his surprised expression.  We have a ton of inside jokes like that.  We have a lot of fun.  I also get a lot more kisses from Mom and Dad.

I still miss Kakai, but when she came home in May for a break, she told me how much she is enjoying school.  She is on the soccer team and has tons of new friends.  She really encouraged me to study harder.  Now she is back at school again. When Dad went to visit her on Parents Day, we made a video on his ipad just to say hello.  She recorded a video back to us.  It was almost like we got to see each other again.  I know I’ll be going to the same boarding school in two years.  It is nice to know Kakai is setting a good example for me to follow.

Andy and Daniel


Andy and Daniel (our cousin who lives with us) are also doing very well.  Andy is proving to be quite the drummer and pounds out a rhythm on any hard surface he can find.  Daniel has been advanced from nursery class to first grade.  His English is coming along well but he still relies on Andy to translate for him during family prayers.  We have taken to calling him “cheeks” because he is getting so delightfully chubby.  He maintains excellent contact with his mother who lives just across the path.  Andy and Daniel play (and fight) like brothers.  It is great to see them developing a life-long friendship.






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