Often we want to be the ones talking. We like to declare, “I’m going to Africa to TEACH.” Why doesn’t anyone ever go to Africa to LEARN. What happens when we stop talking and start listening?

Below you will find out what people in our area are saying about what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for them.


“Now I know my Savior speaks my language.’ Mary Matua, after watching the Jesus Film in, Lumasaaba, her mother tongue.



“I’m the first one in my entire family, or even extended family, to finish elementary school.  Now I’ve finished high school and want to be a veterinarian.”  Joshua Butoto, whose education was sponsored by Crisco in Uganda.



“Papa, look!”  Joel Barnabas, showing Pastor Shem how he could carry a tiny jerrican of water.  Joel along with his mother and grandmother live with the Mabongor family.



“The doctor gave me this pen, Mommy.  But I want to give it to you because I love you.”  Petero Wambimbi, giving Catherine Mabongor a pen he received from the government HIV/TB clinic.




“This ground is hard like cement!”  Herbert, while clearing the land in preparation for planting corn using Farming God’s Way.