Famine is Over!

Join us in a quick trip to Uganda. We walk along the path together in the bright morning sun. Even before we reach the garden, you hear laughter and lively chatter. Everyone is talking at once. People are happy. The corn is ready to harvest and the neighbors have joined us to bring in the bounty. Thanks to Farming God’s Way, an ecological no-plow method of farming, we have a bumper crop. The six month famine in Uganda is finally over.

The famine was very severe. Even when we had money, it was difficult to find food to buy. Thankfully, we saw God’s miraculous provision day-to-day. At one point, we only had one day of corn left and Shem went to the shops to have the bicycle repaired.  As he was coming home, he remembered he had left the old tire at the shop.  When he went back to get it, Shem found a man sitting on a motorcycle with a 100 kg (220 lbs.) sac on maize/corn on the back.  The man and his maize seemed to just be sitting there waiting for something.  Shem greeted the man and asked him what he was doing with the sack of maize.  The man’s reply stunned Shem.

“I’m just waiting for someone to buy it,” the man said.

Unlike the maize that was available this late in the famine, the quality of this maize was excellent.  Shem bought the maize on the spot and had it delivered directly to our house.  It kept us going for another month.

We reduced our rations and were able to share what we had. A family of a widow, her daughter and two grandchildren, came to live with us because their mud hut was falling down around them.  They are still here. What a joy it was to hear a little children’s laughter in our house again.  We now have nine extra people living with us.Widows, HIV patients and orphans received food. Neighbors came and by the grace of God, we had something to give.

Now we have harvested corn and have planted pinto beans.  Because we used Farming God’s Way we saw a greater harvest than most (350 kg/770 lbs) from 0.6 acre.  There was still only one ear per plant but with fuller ears of much better quality when using Farming God’s Way.

We would have gotten more, but army worms decimated a huge portion of our crop.  We are researching ways of fighting this deadly pest for next season.




Thank you to all of our partners who sent food packages chocked full of proteins like peanut butter and oats.  We are very grateful.

We have more land that we could be farming but lack the people to help us.  With 14 people around the table, three of them are HIV+, one is lame, six are school age and one is a toddler.  That leaves Shem who is always traveling for the purposes of intercession and Catherine who takes care of the home.  We only have two young men who put in a few mornings a week.  We also need someone to help us take care of the farm animals.

Farm house waiting for a Farm Manager

We are looking for a farm manager and have even built a place for him to stay, but we just are not able to find such a person at this time.  If you would like to come and help us for a season or two, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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