Piggy Goes to Market

Everyone loves little piglets.  So cute, cuddly and absolutely adorable.  The lovable children’s story of the Three Little Pigs is one most of us heard growing up.  There is also the precious game we play with baby’s toes, This Little Piggy.  Who can resist these adorable little guys.

But let’s face it, by the time a pig is full grown it doesn’t really look that lovable anymore.  And our breed of pig is the local type here in Uganda.  They are black with white patches and have long snouts.

As cute as pigs may be when they are little, this is a working farm.  We grow pigs to sell as pork.  There isn’t much to say about that, either you like pork or you don’t.  I guess there is a third option; you like pork but would rather not think about where it comes from.  I think most of us are in the third category.  We certainly don’t sell the pigs just because they cease to be cute, but it helps.  Luckily we are not all held to the same standard of cuteness or many of us would have gone to market years ago.

For the sake of good manners and to keep our conscious clear, we have not included photos of our actual pigs being tied (hogtied – that is) and take away on the back of a motorcycle kicking and screaming.  Something about the whole ordeal was unsettling to say the least.  But we knew the end would come and today it did.  We sold six of our male pigs and didn’t even come close to counting our losses when we calculated all the feed and care they were given.  We are now left with two females that we will use for breeding.

It takes a gestation of three months, three weeks and three days for a pig to produce a litter.  There can be anywhere from 10 – 14 piglets per litter.  So let’s put today behind us and expect more cute photos of pretty pink piglets in a few months time.  Until then, pass the bacon.

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