Farm Animals

Everyone loves cute farm animals.  In this portion of the website, you will see some of the animals that reside on our farm.

Our animals are bred for many purposes.  Our main purpose is to provide demonstration projects for others to learn from.  There are many places throughout Africa, where farm animals are the only thing a family owns besides their land.  Most people rely on farm animals for survival.

But sadly, most animals are not being used to their full potential.  Chickens give us our eggs, but most homes are forced to sell eggs for cash instead of giving them to their children.  Cows provide us with nutritious milk, but a recent government study in Uganda showed most children drink less than a half cup of milk per month.  Pigs can be raised and sold, but training is needed to avoid disease.  Goats are a standby sturdy investment.  We have huge Billy goats we allow the community to use for breeding purposes.

Furthermore, animal waste is used to cook our food after it is transformed into bio-gas and then the residual material is used as an organic fertilizer on our gardens.  Setting up and operating a bio-gas system is feasible for every home which owns a cow and doesn’t require electricity.  We have a model bio-gas system and many people have been introduced to the idea.  People have come to see our system and marvel at how simple and efficient it is.  Most have never heard or imagined such a process, but are delighted with the prospect of getting their own system.

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