We are on the frontlines of missionary work in East Africa in the areas of intercession, evangelism, church planting, equipping ministers and audio recording scripture in tribal languages.


We pray with hope and strategic purpose for God to restrain evil powers in order for people to hear the gospel and the hope of lasting change.  We are convinced that God is not just managing evil but destroying it.  The intercession work takes on three aspects:

  1. High places –
  2. Prayer convocations –
  3. Prayer altars –


The kingdom of God is the exercise of God’s kingship, His authority, His right to rule based on His might, power and glory.  Salvation shows the depth of God’s mercy, but it is merely a starting point. We disciple tribal people to establish the rule and reign of God in their own lives and then reach out to others with that same purpose.

Church Planting

Establishing communities of indigenous testimony to God’s transforming power is a key part of what we do.  We believe the tribal peoples we work with are called not only to establish the kingdom of God in their area, but to reach out beyond their ethnicity to take that message to others.

Equipping Ministers

In this day and age when self promotion takes center stage, we need ministers who can choose the path of the humble servanthood.  As they discover Jesus’ identity as the suffering servant, ministers also embrace the power of God to bring transformation.  This two fold blessing is communicated through not only pastoral training but pastoral care as well.  Ministers are taught to rightly divide the Word of God, carry out pastoral duties and provide for their own families through vocational skills and ecological agricultural practices.


Nothing speaks to the heart like the Word of God in one’s mother tongue.  We are making audio recordings of the entire Bible in tribal languages.  This not only helps to redeem people groups back to the original purpose for which they were created, it establishes the Kingdom of God in the hearts of all those who embrace the message.  As tribes are transformed, they stand as a testimony to the glory of God.

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