Church Planting

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Church Planting

Church Planting

An organized body of Believers established in a new location is what we mean when we say church planting.

When evangelism in an area results in people giving their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, they need a place to worship where they can also be discipled.  The ultimate goal is to found a body of Believers who will be transformed by the Word of God and then transform their communities.

We Plant Churches

Open Chapel International has planted two churches and is looking for more locations that need this vital work.

Church Plant in Namutumba, Uganda

Church Plant in Namutumba Uganda

Open Chapel Church in Namutumba Uganda

In 2010 Shem and Catherine Mabongor, leaders of Open Chapel International, purchased 8 acres of land in Nawampandu village, in Bulange subcounty in Namatumba district in Uganda. They had an idea of planting trees, but God had other plans.  In the midst of an area known for witches and demon worship, and with termites eating the trees we planted, Christians gather in a simple mud structure to worship one true God.  Pastor Sam and his wife Sylvia are taking a stand for Christ.

Church Plant in Busiu, Uganda

Church Plant in Busiu Uganda

Open Chapel International in Busiu Uganda

In June 2013 over two hundred people turned up to a prayer and fasting conference. It was a powerful time of declaring the Lord’s glory in Busiu Uganda and breaking the heavy spiritual bondage over the area. The last night of the conference there was an open air crusade and more than thirty people gave their lives to Christ. A church was born.

New Areas

We pray the Lord opens new doors of more churches in new areas as we move forward.  Church planting is what we do and it is a big part of who we are.  Is your congregation looking to invest in a sister church?  We provide great opportunities for you to do just that.  Help us with church planting and see your dreams bear fruit.  We are ready to host your church team for mission outreaches of church planting.  Contact us to find out more.

Sponsor and Indigenous Pastor

Invest in a pastor and you invest in an entire community.  An indigenous pastor invests in a communities access to clean water, promotes strong families, encourages education, advances healthcare and provides a spiritual refuge.

We have three pastors who would love to meet you.  Say Hello to our pastors.

Find Out More About the Churches Open Chapel International has Planted

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