Church in Busiu, Uganda

When people came to open up the new ministry with three days of prayer and fasting, we were amazed to find many new converts with nowhere to worship.

Unity Prayers is a pastor alliance network based in Sironko district.  They meet monthly at various churches within the group for three days of prayer and fasting.  Although not from Sironko District, Shem Mabongor had been attending the Unity Prayers regularly.  He convinced the pastors to hold the monthly prayer & fasting conference in Busiu at the Open Chapel International headquarters for the purpose of sanctifying the area to begin a new ministry.

Pastor Shem Mabongor of Open Chapel International in Busiu Uganda

In June 2013 over two hundred people turned up.  It was a powerful time of declaring the Lord’s glory in Busiu and breaking the heavy spiritual bondage over the area.  The last night of the conference there was an open air crusade.  More than thirty people gave their lives to Christ.  A church was born.

Pastor Shem Mabongor

The church is pastored by Shem Mabongor, the founder of Open Chapel International Ministries.

Shem began his missionary career in 1992 with Youth With A Mission.  He served with YWAM on the Buvuma Islands for over 15 years.  He has a certificate in Primary Healthcare through YWAM in Kenya.  Pastor Shem has delivered many babies in almost every imaginable setting.

Pastor Shem trained in the Bible with YWAM in Montana doing the first two semesters of School of Biblical Studies there in 2005 after teaching at their first Introduction to Primary Healthcare School there at the Lakeside YWAM base.  In 2011, Pastor Shem Mabongor obtained an associates degree in Theology from All Nations Bible School.  He was ordained as an international pastor from that same ministry.

Shem trained in Foundations for Community Development School with YWAM in Jinja Uganda.  He also earned a diploma in Family and Christian Counseling from Uganda Family Resource Center.  Pastor Shem is also a brick layer by trade.  He studied at Butaleja Technical Institute many many years ago (class of 1991).

Mabongor Family

Pastor Shem Mabongor and his wife Catherine

(left to right) Andrew, Kakai, Kana

He married Catherine Mabongor in 2001 and they have three children.  You can read more about Pastor Shem on the family’s personal website or Facebook.

Inside the church at Busiu


Congregation of Open Chapel International in Busiu Uganda