High Places

Using spots which are geographically higher in elevation than the surrounding area as a place for demon and idol worship common concept well documented in the Bible and archeology.  Today, if you were to do an internet search you would find the term high places mostly used metaphorically as places in our hearts that we have not totally surrendered to the Lord.  Have you every heard a sermon talking about tearing down your high places of materialism or addictions to media?  If you come to Masaabaland you may not need a sermon, the demon worship is not metaphorical, but very real.  No doubt demons are alive and well in the U.S. also, but like the saying goes, “Satan’s biggest defense is to convince people he doesn’t exist.”

There are real witches practicing in Masaabaland, many with impunity.   Sacrifices to gain wealth, cause someone to die or to bless a new building are common here.  If you have ever witnessed the ceremony of circumcision practiced by the Bamasaaba called Imbalu there would not longer be any doubt in your mind about the presence of demonism in this tribe.  At the risk of sounding flippant, demons are a part of life here.

Pr. Shem standing in a cave used for human sacrifice

But the blood of Jesus is no match for the powers of hell.  Pr. Shem Mabongor and his prayer partner Sam Mzee have been quietly climbing to high places and breaking the power of satanic altars.  He took a short video of one of these times.  You may be surprised to see two very ordinary men, speaking in low voices, quietly walking around a mountain top, touching stones and praying in Jesus’ name.  They are not the only ones doing this in Masaabaland, Uganda, East Africa.  Things are changing.

It is difficult to get Pr. Shem to sit down and allow what he is doing to be written down.  He’s not afraid of repercussions, he simply too busy and much of what he does and sees is difficult to put into words.  Stay tuned to this page for more about the work going on behind the scenes to tear down the high places in Masaabaland.

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