Prayer Convocations

It all began with one person talking to another person, talking to another person.  Finally it became a huge movement of people who believed 2 Chronicles 7:14.

‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’

An idea was born that was so simple yet so revolutionary.  We should have prayer convocations in every district in Uganda for the purpose of repenting, worshiping the one true God and turning our tribes back over to Him.

Pastor Shem
Leader of Open Chapel International

We reprint this story of the first prayer convocation held in Mbale Uganda for the Bamasaaba tribe dated April 10, 2015 by Pastor Shem Mabongor.

Much of the intercession done in Masaabaland is to un-do what was done by our ancestors, our forefathers. The land was good. But because they turned away from the Lord and started worshiping idols, the land became defiled and cursed so that it cannot produce what it should produce. The evil spirits came because our ancestors made covenants, covenants of blood, covenants by words. In doing these covenants they were sacrificing to demons. They were killing animals; cows, goats, sheep even chickens. They also sacrificed children.

Even now, we still fulfill the covenant they made a long time ago of blood. Every other year people are doing circumcision in an ungodly way. Circumcision is good, but what is added to it makes it evil; basically appeasing the demons by bringing blood. The soil God had given us to plant crops on and to live on is being misused. We put a little of it on a sack, we put soil on the sack then blood (from the circumcision) goes on the soil as a sacrifice to the demons. So we continue defiling the land, defiling the soil every other year. And in so doing, we provoke God’s anger because of our idol worship.

Basically, as prayer intercessors, what we are doing is repenting before the Lord and saying that Lord we know we have sinned. We have worshipped idols, the idol of circumcision, by doing all that we could; sacrificing people, worshipping the serpent. There should be a snake in the land that has to be worshipped during the year of circumcision. The elders go there and while they are there they have to keep bringing sacrifices. A snake has to come out of a hole to show them that the ancestors have given us permission and the circumcision is going to be good. There is also a bird who lives in that area that also has to come. The elders become so demonic that they can see all those kinds of things.

So now instead of worshiping God we are worshiping what? A snake, a bird and all these other creatures that God made. So that is what causes us to repent and say, “God we have sinned.”

That is why the umuguga or the king of the Bamasaaba has to come out and denounce those kind of things and repent and say, “No more worshiping of idols!”

Because he is the head, as much as other people still want to worship those things, by his confession, it works a lot in the spiritual realm as a leader. To us, we see things turning around. It is not in our history that the cultural leader can denounce demons. Actually the spiritual leaders are there to keep the demons, to keep spirits, to appease them. And they are very serious about that. But God wants us to repent and say we are sorry we have worshiped demons.

And now we are coming to an anniversary of the first prayer and repentance convocation we had in Mbale May of last year. As May comes around again, we want to revisit and see what is happening. Is there any achievement after repenting? We see improvement.

We see the city of Mbale now; the roads are being worked upon, old buildings are being demolished. But now the leaders of the town are in fear that the owners of the buildings may send demons to kill them. They are asking us, the intercessors, to cover them. We have been wanting to get a tent where we can pray from. But now the council of the town is asking if we can place that tent in the parking lot of the town council offices so we can pray from there. We want to see that working out, so at least we have a prayer chain in the council offices parking lot.

The current intercession for Masaabaland won’t die, it will be kept going, but this other intercession is for the town of Mbale. It needs to also have fire on it to see that the vision for the restored and transformed town comes to pass. We have already seen how they are building the roads in a very good way. They are digging down deep and placing gravel. That means the roads are going to be so strong. So they are not just making things that are fake. Things are starting to work out well.

We have seen the airfield beginning. So things are working out. Food-wise, we are seeing AFRISA offering to train people how to get better yield from their animals and fields. So things are going to change through the prayers that have been happening.

We are having a meeting on April 11, 2015 of all the intercessors from the five districts in Masaabaland. We are all going to convene at the prayer altar in Mbale to hear the feedback of what has happened: What is happening in your area? What have you seen?

Now if you can see what is happening in Masaabaland, the people of Lugwere (which is another district) are calling us, saying, “Can you come and help us.”

So we had to go there. Pastors are also picking people from Mbale to go and pray for Kampala (the capital). God is working out things. There are things that are moving.

While we pray, we can see in the spiritual realm. For instance, in Sironko District, it was difficult for things to break through. We had a prayer and repentance convocation but the demons couldn’t allow it. The finances were not coming in, people didn’t turn up. And when we looked in the spiritual realm we asked, “Lord what is happening?”

He said that the upper districts are the ancestors who are holding the imbalu or ceremonial circumcision.  So the Lord showed us that we needed to call someone who played the drum for the ceremony, the kadodi (a special way of playing the drum with a particular beat that calls the demons to come). We needed to call one such person who played the kadodi to come and repent.

When we did that, even while he was just doing repenting, there was a special anointing that came into the area. And from right there, we could see money coming in to fund the convocation, we could see things turning around. By morning, people had began coming to attend the prayer convocation. The convocation ended without debts, they even had a surplus of money that had been donated.

So as we pray, God reveals to us what spirit is ruling in the area and we attack that.   We go to certain satanic altars and attack it in prayer. So we are not only praying at our own prayer altar but we are attacking satanic altars as well. By attacking the satanic altar we mean that we repent. We don’t even cast out demons, we simply cancel them. Repentance is the greatest weapon; it cancels the demons permission to operate.

Demons operate where there is sin. Where the sin is not, they have no authority there. Now we become the authority because we are cleansed from every evil by the blood of Jesus Christ. We pull down the flag of the enemy that has been flying over the area, the banner. We pull it down and destroy it. Then we raise up the banner of Jesus.

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