Sponsor a Pastor

We currently have three pastors who need sponsorship:

Pastor Sam Butoto Matekha and his wife Sylvia

Pastor Sam Butoto Matekha lives with his wife Sylvia and their seven (living) children in Namutumba district in Uganda.  He is the pastor of the church there.  Sam is a faithful, humble servant of God who is fluent in Swahili, Luganda and Lumasaaba.  He works hard farming by hand the 8 acres of land that adjoin the church.  It is back breaking labor and crops have been poor due to pests and drought. Read more about Pastor Sam . . .

Your sponsorship will allow Sam concentrate his time on preaching the Gospel.

Pastor Charles Ikonde

Pastor Charles Ikonde is leader of the evangelism teams for Open Chapel International, Busiu church.  He had been a pastor on the Buvuma Islands on Lake Victoria for almost twenty years and had retired in 2009.  Although now in his 60’s, pastor Charles wasn’t satisfied just sitting on the sidelines.  He has a heart for evangelism and a gift for inspiring others through hand-on leadership.  Read more from Pastor Charles . . .

Your sponsorship will allow Pastor Charles to manage the challenges of his terminal illness and use his time to lead our evangelism teams.



Pastor Alfred Musuungu and his wife Betty

Pastor Alfred Musungu, Chairman of Pastors Unity Alliance

Pastor Alfred Musuungu is a joy to be around.  He has the rare combination of an infectious smile and the serious determination of a soldier on duty.  He is a natural leader because he knows who he is in Christ and has a mission to spread the Gospel.  Alfred, along with his wife, Betty are managing to raise seven children, but never before has Alfred faced such challenges.  He donates 100% of the time to pastoring a church, leading the Pastor Unity Alliance and preaching.  Your sponsorship will encourage Pastor Alfred that his work is appreciated.  The man works so hard, let’s give his a hand and take some of the burden off of his shoulders.  Read more about Pastor Alfred . . . 


Shem and Catherine Mabongor, the leaders of Open Chapel International, are missionaries sent out from Christian Health Service Corps. CHSC is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization. All partnership gifts made to Shem and Catherine through CHSC are tax deductible.  Just click on the button to donate.  Mention the name of the pastor you would like to sponsor and we will make sure 100% of your donation is hand delivered to them in local currency.