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Prayer is the work every Believer has been assigned.  No matter what your economic status, age or location – you can make a difference through prayer!

Your prayers for us and other missionaries are a vital element of our work.  There are many obstacles to carrying out the call to pray, but few of them stand up in the light of the eternal significance of prayer.  Here are our areas of focus in prayer:

  1. YOU – First of all, let us know how we can pray for you.  Prayer is our priority. God’s power is released mightily as we commit ourselves to praying effectively. After all, who couldn’t use more of God’s power? We commit to pray with and for you.
  2. Health –  They say in medicine, “When you hear hoof beats think horses not zebras.”  That means than when a child in the U.S. or Europe gets a fever, the doctor is not thinking of a tropical disease but it is more likely just a common cold.  But here in Uganda, every time one of our children falls ill, malaria always at the forefront of our minds.  There are also skin rashes and intestinal worms that defy our ability to describe here.  But once you’ve seen the maggot of a mango fly crawl out of your skin you will never forget it.  Please pray for the health of our family.
  3. Journey mercies – Pastor Shem Mabongor travels to many areas of Uganda on a regular basis for prayer missions.  Catherine must hazard trips to town for shopping and finances.  We do not have our own car so he must use public vehicles.  The “taxis” are cracker box minivan that look older than we are.  It is always jam-crammed with 22 people or more, when it says very clearly on the side of the van it is only meant to carry 14 passengers.  The roads are very bad and driving habits are combative at best.  Motor cycles weave in and out of traffic, large semis carry flammable liquids at tremendous speeds and minivan taxis ignore traffic laws.  Please pray for everyone in the ministry to be safe on the roads of Uganda.
  4. Safety  –  There is a constant spiritual force that works against us in the physical realm.  Just a few examples of how to pray in this area: pray for the safety of our children as they walk 20 minutes to school, for our animals to be healthy, our possessions to be safe from thieves.  The Lord can lead you how to pray for us in other ways in the area of safety.
  5. Finances – We long to make the most of every opportunity to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But many times we have to wait to act because we simply do not have the money to move out and push forward.  You may believe that where God calls, He provides.  That is true!  Please pray for our finances, even if you are not able to give – you are able to pray for others to give.
  6. Effectiveness – God looks at productivity differently than the average Christian.  He measures success based on our faithfulness to His calling; how we are in relationship with Him.  Look at the story of Moses. He had always used his staff to carry out the signs and wonders God would have him perform. He used it during the plagues the Lord brought on Egypt. And it was his staff that he used to part the Red Sea. Even in the desert God told him to strike the rock to bring forth water for the people to drink. But later when the children of Israel needed water again, God used a different method. God told Moses to speak to the rock, but Moses disobeyed God and hit the rock.  He relied on his staff that had always worked for him in the past but this time, it kept him out of the Promised land.  We don’t want to lead from experience or our own strength.  Pray for us to be effective in the strength and wisdom of Almighty God for the Glory of His name.

You see – the prayer list is not too long.  But it needs serious effort on your part.  When we ask you to pray, we are not joking!  It is a serious, vital business.

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